Monthly Plans

$138 4G Monthly Service Plan

Basic Plan HK$138/Monthly Fee

~ HK$9 administration fee waived for 6 months' prepayment and HK$18/administration fee waived for 12 months' prepayment

~ 4G high-speed unlimited data *Hong Kong and Macau share (*Hong Kong and Macau share is limited to the first 1GB of data and later data can be used by adding roaming data in Happy Club Apps)

(Once the monthly data usage reaches the 13GB limit of the optional service plan, the data service may continue under the FUP with a speed limit of no more than 128kbps)
~ Local 4000 call minutes

*Local SMS charge HK$2.00 / each, International SMS charge HK$3.00 / each, Local minutes charge HK$10 / 100 minutes

*If the customer needs to select a number, it is recommended to pay the monthly fee in advance for 12 months
VAS Value Added Option HK$18/month

~ 001+86 Direct Dial All China 100 minutes of calls per month (thereafter as low as HK$0.18 per minute)

*** If the monthly plan customer is over-using the data or minutes, CS will contact the customer to pay the excess fee as soon as possible, if more than 2 bills are not paid, the service may be suspended until payment is made.

*4G 21MB is the maximum download speed, when the monthly data usage exceeds the data usage included in the service plan for that month, the data service can continue with a maximum transfer speed of 128kbps and is not applicable to network sharing and P2P (including Bit-Torrent, etc.) functions.
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